Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Premise

Love is never angry
Even if it hurts
Like an angry mob
In the heat of mindless sorrow
That twists you up
Like a car wreck in the night
Leaving you scarred and bleeding
Love is never angry
Even when it hurts . . .
Sorrow turns to tenderness
Regrets turn to memories
Love is never angry
When tears force their way
Through the pain
Letting go of love so deep
Rips you apart
In violent shuddering moments of
Magnanimous gestures
That finally fade to serenity


  1. James, this beautiful and powerful. I love it! It's amazing in it's violent use of symbolisms in how love makes you feel while telling you it isn't love that's angry. GREAT POEM!!

    huge hugs!

  2. Rejection, the end of a romance, or anyone who has hurt you can trigger anger and intense pain, but love in its purest form is not angry; it's the baggage we carry along with it that makes it so.

  3. Well written, by a very wise man :-)