Thursday, April 21, 2011

Five Keys To Understanding Men

Five Keys To Understanding Men: A Woman’s Guide by Susan Mary Malone and Gary L. Malone, MD.

Susan Mary Malone approached me a few weeks ago about making a witty post about Five Keys on her facebook page without reading the book. Of course, I was glad to help, but told her I would rather buy the book, read it and then tell people what I really think of the book.

I was immediately drawn into the depth and brilliant psychoanalytical profile of the male psyche that was so clearly explained through the combined efforts of Gary’s enormous professional knowledge and Susan’s amazing gift to make the obtuse explainable to just about anyone.

The book takes you on a journey explaining the male psyche from infancy into manhood, told from a clinical prospective, with lots of case studies to illustrate what happens to men when they subconsciously respond to the overpowering, instinctive forces that drive them.

For many, the psychological growth of men remains a well-hidden secret, understood only by professionals, but in Five Keys, these secrets are revealed and explained, giving the reader a clear, concise picture of the underlying, powerful impulses that make men who they are.

Yes, the consequences of different upbringings and attachments to parents are explored, and there are many examples shown of what to look for in a healthy individual, as well as what to look for in one who may be emotionally damaged.

But, beyond that, there are lots of advice given to help women cope with what men are going through as they respond to important life changes and other stressors that affect the deepest regions of their psyches.

This book is a must read for men as well. I have gained enormous insight into myself as a result of reading Five Keys, and I am forever changed by this powerful book. I urge all men to read Five Keys. Men will appreciate the depth of the book, and will gain invaluable knowledge to help them with their coping skills as they plunder through life (like most men do) and will help them better understand the underlying psychological forces that drive them.

The book is easy to read, but don’t be mistaken by its readability; there is an awful lot of brilliant information packed into this wonderful book, and once read, you will be forever enlightened by the enigma of what drives men, and that although men are most certainly different from women, Five Keys definitively proves that men can be understood, despite what has driven so many women out of their minds for years and years.

I give Five Keys five stars. *****

Love to all!

James M. Weil


  1. Thank you, James! Gary and I had so much fun writing this. And now we're hard at work on the next book, about families!

  2. Susan,

    I look forward to reading that one as well. You and Gary make such a great team.