Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Popular Posts Revisited

My “Popular Posts” sidebar really is a moving target. I never know where my posts are going to end up. My ratings have slipped a bit in recent weeks, but climbed again when I made my post “Do E-Cigarettes Really Work?” In fact, that post jumped to number eight on the list, bumping off my poignant post “On Friendship,” that hung on the tail end of the list for weeks.

I am still disappointed my poem, “The Premise,” got bumped off the list. It was up there for a long time and generated some really nice comments. But you never know—it may be revived. I can break down my stats by the hour, day, week, month and all time. Each time frame tells a different story, but gives me an inkling on which post is going where, unless I post something new that grabs everybody’s interest, and throws everything into disarray.

I just keep posting what’s in my heart and my gut with brutal honesty, hoping I connect with others who can relate to what I feel and suffer through. Other times I post interesting stuff that grabs people’s attention. “Russian Scam Artists” has received 137 page views since I originally posted it on May 23rd, more than any other post I have ever made by a long shot. Go figure.

I have lots of new material, but presently I am mulling it over with my therapist, trying to sift through some of the finer points of some issues he and I are trying to deal with, mostly having to do with anger and how I choose to react to it.

I will be posting about it shortly. Stay tuned, folks!

Love to all!

James M. Weil

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