Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When Dreams Come True

I finished writing Swiss Chocolate in September 2004. From there it went through several months of editing. It took a year to find an agent, and I finally found a publisher in 2009, but the book didn’t come out until January 2011. That’s a huge investment in time and energy, but my agent and I never gave up.

I remember when I first finished Swiss Chocolate and it had gone through its first round of editing. I was living in Douglaston, NY at the time, but spent a lot of time at the Barnes & Noble in Manhasset, Long Island. I remember telling the Community Relations Manager that someday I would have a book event at her store. She simply smiled at me and wished me good luck.

Today, the Community Relations Manager at Barnes & Noble in Manhasset, Long Island set up a book event for me on Thursday, September 22 from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm. This is my dream come true. That particular store I really love, and the clientele are usually a little more sophisticated, which is better for me because Swiss Chocolate has a lot of intertwining, overarching themes that weave throughout the entire story, giving it a level of complexity that an average reader may miss.

Love to all!

James M. Weil

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  1. I sent Teresa Reid, the CRM of the Manhasset Barnes & Noble, a link to my post and she sent me an email. Here is what she wrote:

    That is a fantastic article and I am so pleased to be able to help your dream come true.
    I WAS NOT the CRM at the time, but am so happy to be the one NOW who could help you out!!!

    Invite everyone you know--get the workdout and I will get the event on the website (within the week) and get signage into the window (by the parking lot). If you ever find yourself in the store before 9/22--just have me paged and we can have a coffee!!!!!

    All the best-
    Teresa Reid

    Love to all!

    James M. Weil