Saturday, March 3, 2012

Poem from A Friend

New Poetry – Heather Akridge copyright 2012

When I get well, I am going to
Paint and Plant
Build and Sew
Weave and Spin
Till my heart begins to glow

Follow the stars
And follow my heart

Help and teach
All children to a good start
Negative battles that play around me
Pour a new foundation
A new way to be
Inspire the driven
Who one day I’ll leave
For 43 years, I’ll build them inside
And watch them grow tall in love and be wise

When I’m 93, I’ll sit on the porch
And feel the wind and the sun’s gentle scorch
And watch all the little ones play in the fields
Of nasturtium butterflies and other sacred things
A tall glass of tea or perhaps lemon-aid
And think how I was sick once
And how it led to this day.

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